Resource Girl

Ambition is great, but sometimes we need to have fun in life

April 26th, 2007

If you know me, you know that whatever I do, I do it with all that I have. I give it everything I can, sometimes to the point of exhaustion! I always choose things to do in life that I am passionate about and I won’t ever change that about me, but recently I am trying to take a breather and celebrate some of the success I have had and I am trying to incorporate two things into my life, relaxation techniques and fun.

  • For relaxation I have been doing yoga. It has been amazing. For two hours, I forget about everything else and allow my body to take a chill pill. In New York City I have been going to Integral Yoga on W.13th st. and Deepak Choprah on Broadway and 54th st. Both places are great but at Deepak Choprah, I am usually posing next to two to three people. I love the no pressure atmosphere. Everything in NYC can become competitive, even yoga, so I have found that the Choprah Center is the right place for me right.


  • Fun, yes incorporating fun into my life. For fun I have been going country line dancing. After an entire life of being in the dance studio and doing shows, I am now enjoying another way to dance. If you dance, the steps are so easy. You can really enjoy the dance right away, unlike when you first learn a combo at an audition. I go to Connolly’s on 45th st. in Times Square. It’s a small group of people, but we have a great time.

So wherever you may be while reading this post and no matter how ambitious you are, just remember to take some time to re-create.

Obstacles come and obstacles go…

April 3rd, 2007

Have you ever really thought about what stands in between you and your goals and dreams. Well I have. I watch people with great ideas that decide not to go with those great ideas. Usually it is because of their well-meaning friends and families trying to discourage them because of all the risks. Unfortunately even the person who does not choose an artistic field and has a 401K and all the benefits has risks. Working for a corporation does not insure you against disease, loss in the stock market or personal trauma outside of work.

Everyone has risk in their life. Everyone has the possibility to see heartache and pain, so why not choose something you love to do and struggle with those obstacles instead of choosing something that you don’t like, just because it appears secure??

Nothing really is secure in life but some things are more rewarding than others. I choose to go with what is more risky than safe because trust me on the days things go well it is such a great feeling and when the obstacles come, I can always reflect on the good times, but if it is all monotone in nature but safe, when do you celebrate?