Resource Girl

Wednesday Night Healing Seminar

September 11th, 2007

Wednesday Night

September the 12th, 2007

Healing with Cleasing Fire and other techniques for creating optimum health and eliminating disease.

TRS Professional Suites

44 EAST 32nd St. on the 11th floor between Park and Madison.

Dawn who has been doing my eyebrows for 14 years and who had a spa is helping produce this event, for more information 212.465.2220.

It is FREE with a suggested donation of 20 dollars but it is only a suggested donation. I always go to these things and then give what I feel while in the moment. It could be worth it or not. I just know that Dawn has been such a healing force in my life and not because she keeps me looking great with my eyebrows, but because of who she is as a person.

Wake me up when September comes…

September 7th, 2007

September is here and I think for many people it is a time to start something new. We can’t go to school for all those years and not get into the habit of starting something new. I haven’t decided what my new thing is but I am definitely doing my fall cleaning to get ready for it.

I am cleaning house in so many ways, not just literally but cleaning house in my mind to make space for what’s really important. I am a very sentimental person and I have noticed that so much of my mind space is taking up by memories of the past. Just recently I threw out some love letters that I had held onto for such a long time. I read a few of them. The surprising thing was that one boyfriend was very insightful into my life but at the time I couldn’t except what he had written about me. In my 20’s I think I was ridden with angst of growth and I just had shared with him my angst and not my love. I thought I loved him but maybe he was just one of the long list of therapists that came my way in the form of a boyfriend.

I also love, just as I hold onto things from the past, to hold on to projects for the future. I amaze myself with the things that I think I will be able to accomplish in one life time. Tonight however I did make a purse. My friend made the pouch for some crazy thing she was doing and didn’t use it so I sewed in a zipper and added a rope for the shoulder strap. I feel really good about this handmade project but it was an addition to so many other projects I have that I have never started.

You may be wondering if this has anything to do with my life in New York, well actually no, I am currently not feeling well and am staying with my family. They have a lovely home and if you have to be sick, it’s best not to do it in 325 square feet, like the place I live in New York City. If you pray or meditate, please keep The Resource Girl in your thoughts and/or your prayers. Unfortunately after 2 weeks at the doctors they are unable to understand my illness :(.

But as soon as I know I will be back to my informative self. Feel free to write to me in the interum and enjoy the last days of the warm temperatures as we rapidly approach the fall.