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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

December 19th, 2007

Music abounds in NYC at this time of the year. I have never regretted going to a beautiful church service to hear a concert. If you get a chance pop in. Times Square is always hopping and Calvary Baptist is a really lovely space, nice people too.

Some like things sweet and salty and I like to mix the deep (see above Reason for the Season and such) and the fluffy (see below, where to find a place to share your groove thing!).

I found this cool site on, where you can find everywhere you would want to go or whatever you would want to do for New Year’s Eve.

I am not trying to rush anyone through the holidays, I considered not even putting a post here, but sometimes in New York you get a million offers to do things and you can’t decide and other years can be like a ghost town where no one is inviting you to a saloon. So here’s a heads up for ya with

Come back in the New York to be updated on the new Social Networking Sites. I hope to take each one of them and do a little review on each, so you can see if it’s worth checking out or not. My friend is a comic so I might check out the comic site to see what’s up there. It is good to laugh, I wish I did it more. Sometimes I am just happy but no sounds come out. LIL, laugh inside laugh

Off I go into the beautifully decorated neighborhood for a walk. Cheers!

Oh My and Good Golly Miss Molly…I love Egg Nog!

December 17th, 2007

Okay so in theory I am so much about taking walks and finding whatever way you can to have exercise be in your life, but can I tell you that sitting down at the kitchen table with my mother and drinking Egg Noggin’ Tea with Egg Nog and sugar in it while dipping my friend’s Kathryn’s homemade chocolate chip cookies for her Jamaican Mission trip, well was next to Heaven. I nearly forgot about all those walks I need to take.

Baking, oh yes, I love baking. In NYC I have this kitchen on the wall and when I open the stove door it almosts hits the couch. I am not kidding with you people. This is one of the sacrifices of living in the Big City, unless of course you are the beautiful Keri Russell from August Rush or some other star person. I am a star, undiscovered, but a star none-the-less (Hey if you are in this town you know you are fabulous and if you are reading this from somewhere else, you better put on your fabulous before you get here, because if you don’t think you are great, no one will!) and so I life in “Ann Frank” conditions, so I have been told. So coming to my mom’s kitchen is so much fun. I think I can fit my entire apartment in her kitchen. But yippeeee, I have to celebrate this life where and when I can, so I am celebrating Baking and her kitchen.

Tonight while all snug in the bed I watched a special on HG/TV about the store windows (life Macy’s, SAKS Fifth Avenue and Barneys) that are decorated in America and Canada. It was cool to see from behind the scenes the windows I have seen for the last 14 years. Oh and watching HG/TV was cool too, I totally follow my advice and pay only 23.23 for Time Warner Cable. I am never home so why should I pay for the super-duper channels when I am outside living my life. However, once again, coming to my mom’s is cool also for music television and HG/TV.

What Else? Presents are totally under control. Weather is beautiful in Virginia. Lapping up the luxury of space, but one never knows if they could return to the peace of suburbia. I just don’t know, all this healthy living, happy people, great decorations, awesome church choirs and such. All this happiness and no struggle to make it. I don’t know…that is what most of us feed on, the chase of the goal, the struggle, the trying to make it happen, the trying to understand why it hasn’t happened, the bohemian lifestyle that creates so many great works of art and of course books 🙂 and late night conversations that happen in 24 hour diners.

Can I return to suburbia where things are good in so many ways. Can I return to peace after being in the mind-altering state of the city of NYC?? I have no idea. For right now I am going to enjoy the heck out of this land called suburbia, because right now, in this cozy (well actually it is so cold as they save money on the gas bill) house, I am as content as I can be. HEY I am an arist, I can NEVER be totally content or like that would be like totally wrong dude. Oh and if you are wondering, I wear color, even if the official color of a true artist is black (okay so that is what my grandmother once told me).

Merry Christmas! Drink the Egg Nog (don’t drive after if it’s spiked) and please find a warm cozy fireplace to sit calmly next to someone. Merchants in NYC has a great fireplace downstairs, also good food. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

December 14th, 2007

Greetings to everyone out there on the wonderful wild web. New York is all lit up and there is plenty of beautiful Christmas music to be heard around the town. I am heading off to the land where I was born, that would be Virginia. I always enjoy going there because the houses are decorated so beautifully. I always do something, in the way of decorating, here, but it’s never the same as having a decorated Christmas Tree in your front yard, with the bunnies hopping by.

This year I vowed to stop and smell the hot apple cider and one of the ways I did that was by listening to the Big Apple Chorus at South Street Seaport. They have a lovely tree there and the men sing on a metal tree that is in front of the real tree. It really put me in the holiday spirit. It was also nice because I went with a friend that I have known for the last 14 years. It was nice for both of us to actually enjoy the city, instead of looking at every waking moment as a moment to work or to constantly think about our projects. Very nice, yes indeed it was.

I wish you all sweetness and calm at this time of the year, wherever you may be. Oh and if you are wondering what the Resource Girl is thinking about for the New Year.

1.Clutter Be-Gone for Good. New cleaning products introduced into my life-Seventh Generation.

2.All this excess donated to charity.

3.Cosmetics that are pure, safe and beneficial, more on that later.

4.Seeking mutually beneficial relationships and saving volenteering to deal with deeper issues that people may have.

5.Oh and I am going to go back to exercising on a regular basis. I always do but lately, since I haven’t felt great, it hasn’t been my top priority.

That’s about it. Oh and I just read The Alchemist. Interesting and really right on-track with my desire to always fill my mind with positive thoughts.

Love and Hugs to Everyone, Wishing you Delightful Abundance and Accepting of the Gifts that you are being given each day, even if sometimes you can’t see them,


The Resource Girl


What fun thing should I do in NYC this Holiday Season?

December 10th, 2007

So many choices but can help you find out what is the latest thing happening in New York City. I am working an event for them this week and when I learn more, I will share what I learn with you.

My favorite thing is that New York has a place now where you can nap, yes as in take a little rest. You can pick the color of your room, you can listen to music, you can have air that is purified and I am sure there are other accutrements, but that’s all I know for now.

This is so cool!

December 10th, 2007, you go there and put in your address and you can find out how to get places on the subway or the bus. Totally cool, Thanks Amber!

Now that you know about it, try to say it three times fast! Hopstop, Hopstop, Hopstop…you said hopscotch didn’t you? Hahahah

For Book Orders

December 10th, 2007

Write to me here at my website for the orders or just go and buy some at 🙂

I get so excited when people buy them, you know why? Because I didn’t write the book because I thought I would become famous, I wrote it because I wanted to help people, but sitting on the “virtual shelf” it can’t help anyone.

Happy Holidays,

Tis the Season to drink EggNog,

Amy RG

The Strike for Writers is really affecting New York Actors

December 10th, 2007

Right now more than ever New York Actors need to find creative ways to make extra money.

Here is a list:

Register for Focus Groups

Go on Craig’s List to find jobs like personal assisting, helping people move, cat sitting, dog walking, answering phones and so on.

Register for Promotional Companies

Sign up to be a mystery shopper (only with companies that don’t make you pay)

Do Christmas Gift Wrapping in Stores

Many department stores need extra people during the holidays

Find out who helps with putting up and taking down decorations, maybe they need a hand

You can find these ideas and more in my book,

“I’m Here, Now What?! An Artist’s Survival Guide for NYC!”.

If you buy directly from the Author, that would be me, by Friday the 14th, I will sell you 2 books for 20 dollars. That is if you come and pick them up from me. If you want me to send them that will be 25 for two books and you can pay me by paypal and I can put them in the mail on Friday.

This is an offer from the dates December 11th to December the 14th.

2 books for 20 if you pick them up in person from me, no shipping and handling, I will meet you in a mid-town location in NYC

2 books for 25 if I send it to you, you can pay via paypal, this includes shipping/handling

Or you can go to and order from them, but that does not include the one week special offer.

Happy Holidays,

Amy RG

If Cab drivers were always friendly and smiling would we still be in New York City?

December 8th, 2007

Have you heard that silly question about “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall, did it really make a sound?”, well maybe you think my question is the same, but here we go with a little Resource Girl commentation about the city I live in.

Okay so the city is lit up with so many beautiful decorations and you think to yourself, what a beautiful world, then you schelp your groceries to a cab in the freezing cold and get in. Many times after you say “26th and 6th” they don’t even say “Okay”, sometimes all you get is a grunt. I often try to make social courtesy talk about the weather, but am often met with silence or the turning up of their radio station in a language I usually can not understand.

But that brings me back to my questions, if I entered in the cab and the cabby says, “Hello Miss it’s so delightful to see you, where will I be taking you?” Would I be in England? (try the phrase with an accent), Would I be in Sunny Miami (use a Spanish one here) or Would I be in the south where everyone manages to say at least a “Cheery Hello”????

Would New York really be New York if it wasn’t gritty like this? If most cabs didn’t spell like your spruce pine air freshner mixed with ethnic food and a little body odor mixed in? Would we want a New York that is clean and pristine? Is the allure of coming here, knowing that it will never compare to slick, clean, picket fence existance of some people who live in Suburbia?

I can be honest and say that I could still love New York and all that it has to offer, if it were a tad bit cleaner. I don’t think clean would kill the cool. I don’t think clean would kill the vibe. I don’t think clean would kill the beat. I think clean would just make us be happier that when we have been shopping all day and we stop to get something to eat/go to use the john, we could actually put our packages on the floor without worrying about bringing flesh eating batteria back to our appartments.

Anyway, just thinking out loud on a cold winter’s night…RG

Need to make a little extra cash for the holidays and beyond?

December 8th, 2007

Okay so I have a website and I do some blogging and I also have some social networking sites, but do I want to spend hours more on the internet by selling, following and controlling my stuff on e-bay??? Nope, have a few other things I would like to do. So I found the drop off places in Manhattan where they will sell your treasures on-line for you. You make some money and they make some money but you don’t have to spend all your time on-line. 271 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 718.622.6000

311 Lexington Ave. at 38th St. NY,NY  212.880.6800

Usually your item has to be worth at least 50 bucks for them to list it, but call and check out about that for yourself, you never know.

Happy Holidays and here’s an egg nog to ya (without the rum),


The Resource Girl

Ruby Tuesday’s All You Can Eat Salad for…

December 7th, 2007

Can you believe it? Ruby Tuesdays has hit New York and they have a salad bar for all you can eat for 8.95!!! But please don’t bring your empty purse :).

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