Resource Girl

January 31st, 2008

New networking site just for people who love Broadway, Pretty Cool, huh?

Entertainment Expo

January 30th, 2008

Sunday January 27th I was waiting in line with one of my good friends. The line wrapped around the corner. It was so great to see all of these good looking motivated people standing in the cold, and it was VERY cold, waiting to get closer to their dreams. Some were veterans and others I am sure have just arrived, but all came with the same purpose, “I love to sing, to dance, to act. I love to create the set. I love to be in IT!”. I came to share the Resource Girl love with my book. I came to meet the people that I adore, those crazy off-centered people who make us laugh and cry and jump up for joy. People who in their own way illuminate an emotion, an issue or a situation.

Most people outside of the business do not have any idea what that actor goes through to say those two paragraphs that move you to tears, not many people know that the next day they return to their waitressing jobs. It’s almost like a secret to those out in the middle of America or in the world beyond. But on Sunday I was surrounded by those people. I had a great time.

So check it out next year or if you want to know more about it now, go to their website. There was a magazine that they gave out that would be an awesome resource. I am sure if you ask them, they will have some that are left over.

The ONLY thing I didn’t like was that, at the VIP party that my friend went to, THERE WAS NO FOOD. So if you went to the Expo or you didn’t make sure you let them know, a party, a networking event, or anything like that “ain’t no party” when there “ain’t no food” and for 50 bucks for 3 ours of scmhoosin’, you better have some tasty treats!

EIE Expo Web Address

January 26th, 2008
Yes the web address would be very handy now wouldn’t it!

EIE Entertainmente Expo Sunday January the 27th

January 26th, 2008

Okay so you are sitting home right now and you are thinking I need to get out there. I need to meet people in the industry that I am in or that I want to be in. So here is an Actor’s Festival with people from every aspect of the industry. As far as I can see it is FREEEE, you gotta love that. And it is free because to have a table to exhibit your service, it costs upwards of 900 bucks. Why do I know this, because I considered getting a table for The Resource Girl. But I decided to take my own economic advice and just show up with books in my purse and business cards in my hand! I will be there, look for me, I will be the girl with the red bandana. I will be wearing my outfit so that the world will know that I am and always will be The Resource Girl.

I am like totally stoked dudes and dudettes about going. Yes the cold is crazy, so I am California dreaming and such. See ya there!

Changing your scenery and regular patterns of doing

January 25th, 2008

Okay so everyday you go to the same deli and you buy the same bagel with low fat creme cheese. Everyday you walk the same way to work, rehearsal or your therapist. Have you ever thought about walking down a different block to get to the same place? Have you ever thought about getting a coffee in a different spot?

Tonight I took the bus. I know that sounds exciting already doesn’t it?! But I NEVER take the bus. I love to walk, take the subway and sometimes I take a cab. But tonight I took the bus across town to a women’s networking meeting. I went because I wanted to network and network I did. It was really fantastic. Meeting women that like to share information and are listening to you is a wonderful thing. It was cool. I got some business cards. I am happy about the way the whole meeting went.

All I am saying is that it was across town, out of my neighborhood, out of my normal operating mode, and yes I took the bus, but it was really worth it. Sometimes we have to break our little habitual patterns to see the surprizes that life is waiting to present us.

Note to concerned reader

January 22nd, 2008

Thanks to my readers, I wanted to clarify, I don’t know what happened to him. One of my concerned readers thinks I wrote as if I KNOW what happened. I was not writing about the specifices of Health Ledger, I was writing about my concerns about an industry in general. About a place where so many people suffer. As my concerned reader pointed out, we don’t know whether it was accidental or intentional and we may never know, I just want to assure her, I have no idea what happened, I was reflecting upon the news reports and my thoughts, ideas and opinions in general about actors and their struggles. I, too, as everyone, would hope that these things are accidental. No one would ever hope that anyone intentionally hurts themselves, not in this case or any others. Thanks concerned reader.

Health Ledger

January 22nd, 2008

As most of you know that are reading my blog I am not famous. I came to New York City 14 years ago and I did every black box, independent film, project, dance concert and anything else I could do to perform. I, like so many other actors, dreamed of having the opportunities that he had as an actor. I only saw him in one movie but it was memorable. Broke Back Mountain is an controversial film but no one can argue about the talent that was in the film.

I have always shared with people that I believe that fame and fortune is not equal to happiness. When these things happen it confirms my belief. But why does it have to happen? The stars have the resources to help more people than most of us ever could. They have all the money to hire the best therapists, nutritionists and any other person that they think will resolve whatever issues that they have.

Having always gone to church, apart from the break I am on, I have always found peace in believing that there is a God. In reading this you may not believe and I know that that is your choice, but I can only tell you from my experience that during the most terrible experiences of my life, I have found comfort in God and with those people who have prayed for me. Currently my health is not great, I can’t die from what I have but it is making me extremely tired but fortunately my mother and her team of prayer warriors are praying. I am thankful for that support.

I often wonder why talented people appear to be afflicted with an insatiable hunger and possibly a terrible dose of melancholy. Having thought about it for a long time, I think that artists are so sensitive that sometimes they can’t deal with the pain in the world. Their hearts are open and they absorb the pain in a way that most people do not. Many people close that door of sensitivity to function in society. Maybe closing this door allows them to be happier, as if being blind to the pain, keeps them sane. I am in no way saying they don’t have pain but an artist feels it and then lives it, breathes it and repeats it in their artwork. In a way the artist is like a raw open wound. We pay to see that human emotion. That raw work keeps us thinking of the depth of human emotion, but what is it doing to the artist?

I have a friend who is a working performer. This person is often sad. I do my best to lift this person up. Maybe if you are close to an artist, why not call them and tell them something great about them or do something to let them know you are thinking about them. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be an artist, but today with what has happened it makes me think about how we can never really know what someone is going through and how when we think someone has everything, they may not be feeling the same way.


A smile for you

January 22nd, 2008


New York City is COLD!

January 22nd, 2008

Okay it is cold. On days like this you want to just stay inside. However to succeed in this world, you have to leave your apartment! I remember when I was dancing and doing auditions. I did not want to go in weather like this, but it was the girls that continued to go to every audition even in this weather that succeeded. There are no Fair-Weather friends in show biz. If you want it, then you go for it, no matter what kind of weather you find.

Power Emotions

January 21st, 2008

10 Seeds of Greatness “The Juice of Life”

Love, Gratitude, Curiosity, Passion, Determination, Flexibility, Confidence, Cheerfulness, Feeling Healthy, A Sense of Contribution

Power Emotions

Discomfort, Fear, Hurt, Anger, Frustration, Disappointment, Guilt, Inadequacy, Overload, Loneliness

Everyday things happen to us and then we have a choice as to how we will react. The first list gives us the positive choices. The second list helps us to know how we feel and then to take action to change those circumstances that make us feel this way or if we can’t change the circumstances we can change how we react. 

I have a friend who always gets angry in traffic. His anger will never make the cars move faster. I often tell him traffic is the best place to learn a new language or listen to a book on tape.

I personally have had some really sad things happen to me but each day I make the choice to fill my mind with positive thoughts and ideas. I am currently reading The Gift which is a book on personal growth. I can choose to reflect on those sad things all the time or I can wake up each day to know that today can be a better day. Don’t get me wrong I still have my “issues” to resolve, but each day I attack those problems instead of letting them attack me.

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