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It is raining here

April 29th, 2008

If you are somewhere else, I just wanted to let you know, today is a grey day in New York City. What does that mean to me, it means I have a good excuse to stay inside and get the work I have been avoiding done.

On another more positive note, I have been using my American Health and Fitness Alliance Coupon book for gyms and yoga. I went to the Sheraton on 53th and 7th ave. It is a small quiet, very clean gym. It has both guests of the hotel and members from the city. It has a women’s sauna and steam room. I like that, but if you choose to go to this gym, you have to ask them to turn on the steam room, as it is not automatic. That was the only negative that I saw. All the equipment is brandnew. The staff is friendly and there is towel service. While there I felt like I was on a mini vacation. There is even a free apple for your taking, both red and green.

I also went to the Bally’s club on 50th street in the World Wide Plaza. Here it is not as pristine, but there is a pool. Don’t get any ideas about doing laps, taking a dip in the hot tub and then relaxing in your lounge chair because there are not any chairs. So as much as I liked the opportunity to swim in the pool, no chairs and joint steam and sauna would keep me from joing this one.

As I try out new places I will let you know what I think. If you have a positive gym experience, or negative, in the city, please do share.

Brooklyn Peace Fest

April 26th, 2008

First of all I would like to say that I will never turn this site into a forum for political debate. I have very strong views about things and in my younger days I broke blood vessels in my neck trying to convince people, now I take personal action about those things that are important to me “Put your money where your mouth is” is what I like to say. Don’t just talk about what you believe in, but do something about it.

However today I went to the Brooklyn Peace Rally, I know everyone wants peace in this world. I met the peace parrots and I listened to some oh-not-so-peaceful on the ears rap. For more information about The Brooklyn Peace Fest go to What is really cool is that if you have something to share you can get involved.[inspic=43,,,225][inspic=44,,,225][inspic=45,,,225]

Put a spring in your step with an Irish Jig

April 25th, 2008

Experience Irish dance and music firsthand at the Irish Arts Center’s 7th annual celebration featuring traditional Irish music and performances, workshops in traditional Irish dance, a singer’s circle, Irish language classes, face-painting and more!  Fun for all ages!
Sunday, May 4, 1:00 – 8:00 p.m., Pier I @ 70th St

Longwood U

April 25th, 2008

Talking with the students at Longwood University brought me full circle. While on campus I realized how fortunate I feel to have gone to a small school. The same safety and warmth I felt several years ago, I felt on the campus that day.

I noted that the students who came were eager to learn about what their future will be like. It’s funny, even though I love to plan, I must be honest not much of what I planned during college came to pass. If all my dreams of that time had come true I would have about 4 kids and at least one horse. But if that had happened I would never have danced in all the wonderful shows, travelled the country and the world and would not have written my book (this summer I am going to start on a new one, on another topic).

The thing I really wanted to convey to these students was that in school it is important to start good habits now. Go to class on time, don’t overeat/drink or anything else, be courteous to your neighbors and so on. Another thing that I tried to impart is the importance of saving money now for the dreams. Saving money and also not spending money on the things that don’t matter.

So many young people get caught up on the superficial “What am I wearing?” “What cool thing did I buy?”, but really those things provide short lived happiness and many times BIG DEBTS. I wanted to tell them to save money for projects that they think will be worth their time, money and energy. One student wanted to do documentaries. I suggest he stuff a bunch of pennies under his bed as they do not tend to produce money. However they may help stimulate powerful positive change in the world. There are so many choices to be made but money will help them come to fruition.

If you are reading this and you are one of the students that came by, thanks for stopping by and feel free to shoot me any questions that you may have.

It was a great time. My mother was there with me and she was the best personal assistant ever. I couldn’t have done it without her. I hope you will check out the videos.


April 24th, 2008

So I am constantly researching ways to get my message out there and connect with artists. Today I learned that my video is in the video search engine I imagine it works like other search engines, you put in a topic and up pops videos on that topic. I am going to go back now and put in one of favorite topics “Hot Italian Men” just kidding, I am going to put in promotional modeling, a job I do for money.

Union Square

April 24th, 2008

People are always wondering where you can see the stars. Well tomorrow, this self-appointed star 😉 is going to be at Union Square. I will be there in the early evening hours. So if you want to chat or buy a book in person. You know where to find me.

Today I had a great talk with a young jewelry designer in the making Darlene and I ran into Jessica of It was a beautiful day for relaxing in the sun and people watching.

You must be aggressive to beat the beast

April 22nd, 2008

What beast? The hidden fees beast, the automatic magazine orders, the costs for having a checking account, services you are no longer using. It is a very active beast. You go about your life, following your dreams, helping others, working your jobs, spending time with your significant of the moment or lifetime partner and the beast keeps eating. The busier you are the more the beast can eat away at every dime you spend. The Resource Girl is diligent but she likes to live as well and as she lives the beast knaws away at her. Feel free to send me your “Kill the Beast” techniques.

The coolest thing

April 21st, 2008

Hi, if you have just arrived and you still have an out of state driver’s license, you can get discounts at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. 1000 Third Ave. at 59th Street, 212.705.2000 for information. Read more about it at! Ciao, RG

Longwood Students Career Fair

April 20th, 2008


Barnes and Nobles Longwood University

April 20th, 2008


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