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Getting Help

June 30th, 2008

Do you have a problem right now that you feel like you can’t solve? Are you spinning in a circle? I have felt that way and feel that way about many things; however I am determined to whine no longer. Today I had a conversation that showed me that there is help out there. It may take a moment to find the right person to help you, but please keep looking. Please don’t give up. I currently am using two on-line social networking sites and I like both of them, but is cool in that you can ask your friends and your family to support your decision to stick to whatever goal you have.

Rain Rain Go Away Come Back Another Day

June 29th, 2008

Yup, it’s raining here in the Big Apple.

For Fun, Google Thyself

June 29th, 2008

So if you have been doing plays, entering contests on-line, presenting in galleries, making movies or in anyway getting your art out of your head and heart and into the real world-if you google yourself, or look yourself up on technorati, you just might see yourself. This is one of my favorite pics that I have found. I did an interview on a talk show and someone in the audience took this pic.

Queens, NY

June 28th, 2008

Today I trotted out under the rain to Astoria, Queens. Our barbeque host made a wonderful salad with plums and blue cheese, pasta salad and plump “cooked to perfection” hamburgers. The food was tasty and the company was complicated. Complicated in that they were all actors, searching for the meaning of life, searching for the next step, present, listening, curious. It was nice to be in an environment that I had stepped out of for some time. People looked and listened, analysed, surmised and contemplated. Hot was the temperature, but cool and casual was the ambiance overall. Thanks to the host!

Cheers to your next BBQ,


June 25th, 2008 is a place where you can find stuff for free. You can also list things for free. This way if you have a need of something, you can find it. has a free section as well. This is a way to not throw things in the garbage which will inevitably be placed in a landfill. I just picked up the book “Go Green, Live Rich” by David Bach. He shows you how to save the environment as well as saving money. I will be featuring some of his ideas over the next few weeks.

I hope, if you are in the city, you are enjoying the outside film festivals and outdoor cafes. It is a very romantic city. It is a shame that my love life is lagging, or maybe it is just jet lagging, since the object of my affection is far away, (someone asked about my love life). Well I have/had a long distance relationship with someone living in Italy. I wouldn’t say long distance is a great idea, but when I am eighty years old…I know I will tell one of my grandchildren the story, with the aurora borrealis in my  drooping eyes, about my favorite Italian Sirloin Steak (Stallion is so over used and he is delicious) that I dated long long ago.

Live strong,


Don’t worry readers, I will keep the resources flowing and won’t bore you with the little details of my personal life. Sometimes though, it pops out and someone did ask me!

Summer is here

June 23rd, 2008

Hot, humid, circles, visions, desires, small spaces, too much stimulation, not enough words, why aren’t people saying anything, the war? the news?, so depressing, how can I help? time to help, where to start, any ideas? hot, humid, too much noise, circles, dreams, vivid dreams, lovers kissing in the park, Yael Naim, beautiful voice, she is happy, can I meet her? yes very hot, humid, starbucks ac is the best, circles, visions, dreams, dreams are they overated? is the sacrifice worth it, can we be happy with untroubled boredom?? to good health or to insatiable drive? yup, hot, humid, circles, visions…



June 20th, 2008

Safer Sex in the City

True to the experience

June 20th, 2008

To be true to this experience, I must say today was a rough day in the city. It was light and airy. The sun was shining bright. But sometimes, the moods of the artist cloud the sunniest of days. At Union Square I set up my table, only to be told it was too small. Okay…so I can get a larger one. A nice girl stopped by and appeared interested in the book, but didn’t buy it.

My apartment at times feels like my chosen handcuffs.

My boyfriend, someone asked about him, is too far away. The weeds of sadness widdle through my mind.

My priorities are muddled. This is the truth of living here. We work hard to combat the battlefield of the mind. Pressing on…yes…great tidbits to come…yes…no I haven’t lost hope for life or art; but sometimes the extreme beat of this city, hurts the delicate lining of the heartdrum.

Daily Doodles

June 18th, 2008

This morning I got dressed up. I put on special clothes for a special purpose and dashed out the door to Brooklyn. Williamsburg is a hip spot for artists (in theory as the prices near Bedford Ave, are not much different from mid-town Manhattan) and I went there to present my book to a lovely little indy bookstore named Spoonbill and Sugartown. Then I grabbed a soft on the purse Thai dish for 6 bucks, cruised around the neighborhood and hopped back on the subway. Will let you know if they say yes, if you happen to live in the neighborhood, feel free to walk in an order a copy, so they have to buy some :).

Trivia Pursuit

June 17th, 2008

As I read Lance Armstrong’s Biography I am struck by the fact that he was single minded, he had one purpose. He is and was a winner. Determined, steadfast, to the point, never wavering; whether in the pursuit of the winning of a race or to stampeed cancer.

I have felt the same way about my book. Made the decision to write it, made the decision to get it in stores, made and continue to promote it via social networking sites-all of which is fantastic for my single minded pursuit of success with this book and the hopes of bringing the second to life; however, it does not make me a good trivia player.

Tonight I went outside with a few girls and we gathered to play trivia pursuit in a bar. I dare say, maybe I should be embarassed, but I didn’t know hardly any of the answers. Yes my book is in Virgin Mega Store but I didn’t know simple every day things that everyone in the room knew. As I continue to read Lance’s biography I will contemplate what level of greatness I seek or if I wish to win at trivia pursuit. The jury is still out. In New York I think there are many who arrive at both greatness and have a wide knowledge of trivia. Maybe I will pay more attention to the planet I am on, versus the thoughts that circle in my acqua blue haze of perculating dreams.



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