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City Island

February 17th, 2009

Sometimes in life you need a change of pace, something to put the pep back in your step. This weekend was not an easy weekend for me. Valentine’s Day is for those who are cherished, apart from my mother’s love, that would not be me.

However I am not one to let things keep me down and I found a mood-booster. The Lobster House on City Island. If you have lived here for 100 years or you have just moved, City Island is not to be missed.

The Lobster House provided us with enough food for three meals, most of us took a goody bag home. Lobster, clams, mussels, corn on the cob, clam chowder, salad, dessert, port wine and champagne. The service was amazing JoJo the owner struck a conversation with one of my friends about cars and within seconds she was presented with a purple challenger (whatever that is). Oscar our waiter was attentive, energetic and enjoyed giving us our lemon shower to cleanse our hands between courses. All of this set us back 40 bucks each.

Good times had by all. You can get there on the 6 train, then you need to switch to a bus or you can rent a car with We did just that and it made it like a mini-road trip. Check out

Simple pleasures like dipping lobster tail in thick butter can beat the winter blues or in this case the Valentine’s blues.

Ships Ahoy,


Some thoughts…

February 4th, 2009

Okay, have you heard about Random Acts of Kindness? People choose to give something or money to raise the moral of the people. Well yesterday the morale of so many New Yorkers, and tourists, was raised by receiving 50 bucks, however I have searched the world over for this website and I can not find it. So it makes me think, was this a publicity stunt or a simple moral booster? Was this a college students final project for school?

I have no idea, but I will tell you if it was just for a morale boost, it worked for me for sure. 100 bucks for hanging out with a friend on-line for 2 hours, not too shabby.


February 4th, 2009

What You’ll Find At

Personals – Whether you’re looking for a date, a study buddy, a movie mate or more, show people the REAL you, rather than just a picture and a few lines of text.


Autos – Never before have you been able to truly convey to potential buyers, just how well your car or truck actually runs. Give them a virtual test drive!


Jobs – Show people the REAL you, with a video resume, or post a new opening at your business and show potential hires what a great job you’re offering.


Real Estate – Give your potential buyers a virtual tour of your home or apartment.


General Merchandise – It’s time to put your unwanted household items to work for you. The stuff you’re done with may be of interest to others, so show them your unwanted stuff and turn it into cash today!


And much more!


The most exciting part of the is the opportunity to “Get Paid Today For What You Sell Tomorrow.” offers an interest free “Click Cash Loan” that allows members to receive money immediately, while their stuff is being sold. The loan can be kept until the item sells or up to two weeks, then pay it back. No deal of this kind has ever been available online.


For more information about the Bailout Booth Event,, or Bailout Bill, please contact Drew Tybus at (646) 248-6817 or via email at

Hello Everyone

February 4th, 2009

So the line is closed at Times Square for the free money. Sorry about that. Also the name of the website is not, there are more words. I am going to find out the rest and update it as soon as I do that.

Sit tight,

RG Free 50 dollars

February 3rd, 2009

Okay people I can absolutely not make this stuff up. This morning as the snow poured around me and I was pushing yet another product, a friend sent a text, come to Times Square Free $50 bucks! First of all I wasn’t sure who sent the text and I thought it was promo work for the whole day and the pay was $50 bucks, but it wasn’t.

Are you ready? Are you in the city or can you get here tomorrow? Line up at the Charmin Store, next to Virgin Mega Store in Times Square tomorrow morning or whenever you can get there, the earlier the better and tell your story why you need the money. Everyone will get the $50 bucks, but the sadder or more important your need for money is, the more money you are going to get.

I don’t want to tell my sad story here, but it did earn me $100 dollars when most of the people earned the regular $50. So tomorrow if you are in the city, why not go and pick up an extra $50 up to $5000.

You may be thinking, what is the catch, what is going on, what are they promoting? Well, good question, every good business idea has to have a competitor and for the longest time the only real place to sell your used stuff would be on eBay, right? Well now there is competition, Welcome To America Baby!! is a place where you make money instantly for listing your items.

Crazy this town I call home,