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October 8th, 2009

In New York City things can happen fast. I have heard that Luck is when an opportunity is presented and you are prepared.

Fun money saving tricks: The Sample. Right now we are having a season change and many times our skin will reflect that change, how can you get a facial in this economy? Go to the different Sephora stores around the city and ask for a sample of their cleansers, lotions and masks. Today I got a sample of Fresh’s Rose Petal Mask. One question, one minute and I got a great sample of a product that costs 55 bucks. While writing this blog I am doing my 10 Rose Petal (with cool cucumber) Mask.

I have a relationship with promotions as I do them constantly but today I wasn’t doing one but at Rockefeller Center they are having one showing the harvesting techniques of Cranberries. Fun Job, wading in water, but I learned they are the real deal, not promo models. Boo Hoo, I was ready to jump right in.

Doing the activities in my American Health and Fitness Alliance Pass Book is proving to be very beneficial. This past week I did Yoga with Mozart Music and Candles and Kick Boxing, all for free. However the most interesting thing I have done is Nutritional Responce Testing today to see where there are weaknesses in my meridians. It is an ancient oriental technique but now it is computerized. East Meets West.

As I am in transition I am seeking the next step and one of the things that is helping with that is, is the information at Check it out, if you are looking for a healthy change, more on that later.

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