Resource Girl

Long Winter comes to a close

May 30th, 2011

Being an overall positive person, I wasn’t one to really put a lot of credence in the Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). I thought that people could take a tap dance class or just eat healthier or even buy one of those natural lights for the home. Winter 2011 really showed me something different. It is only three weeks now that I have put away the winter coat. But with putting that a way, I have not yet been able to bring out the showers of Spring smiles or in this case Summer, as we have skipped over Spring and jumped right into Summer.

With the climate as it is, it often puts a damper on other parts of our lives. I can’t be sure, and I haven’t done any sort of research, but from my own experience I do wonder if other couples suffered from discussions that would have been avoided had they taken a normal for that season walk in the park? I wonder…I can only say that I became frustrated for so many small things, as I was forced by economics and for the climate to spend more time in my small space.

The good news is that the sun has indeed come out. Whether it can completely rejuvenate all that was lost in the continual frost, that remains to be seen; but I can say that I feel slightly better.

So there’s the bad news the good news is that The Resource Girl does still live and she has found a favorite new resource It is a place where you can go and read or study or job search that is FREE, and there is FREE coffee and FREE tea. 10 W.18th st. This has been a saving grace for my continuing to live in this small space.

Other random news, there is a new book that is in the works, new topic, new direction but the key thing is new. When we have something new to focus on, there can be new hope that rides along side these projects. With hope, all things are possible.

Surviving in the city…