Resource Girl

Change is coming

January 31st, 2012

Time flies and my fingers have been typing away on a new book(s). The first is about Italian/American cultural observations that I have made for the past 20 years that I have been going. The second is one that EVERYONE will be interested in: A love story that most of have with Gelato/Icecream. Both books are going to be a journey in themselves, but writing about and research for Icecream, mmmm, just can’t wait. Good thing I am finally joining a gym. For many years I used the coupon book American Health and Fitness Alliance and it was amazing, but I am ready to go to one place consistently.

Recently I got new headshots and bodyshots, so much of what I see I am proud of but there are some mushy bits and I am ready to attack them. After dancing all of my life, well when you stop, uhmm, the body can only hold on to that muscle tone but for so long and it is now the time to return to that fit gal I was and mostly am.

Next post I will be sharing my new photos. Recently I was at a conference with Lynette Lewis and I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Osteen Comes. She was working at Lakewood Church and opend the mail where she received a bomb. She suffered much under this bomb but all in all her confidence and faith in God always has her stating to the world “I am the bomb”. When was the last time you looked into the mirror and saw your value? When was the last time you proclaimed to the world that you are in fact “The Bomb”? I challenge you to do that today. I know when I look at my new pictures that I am amazing and it’s time not to hide behind “false humility” but to rise up and claim the beauty and power that God has given to me. I share this so that you too will let your light shine!