Resource Girl

Time Passes, Dreams Don’t Fade

May 17th, 2017

To pursue the practical to survive in a system that we didn’t create, threatens to smash the dreams that we were given from the time we entered this world. Dreams to change things or dreams to create something, dreams to change your economic status or to inspire other, dreams deep within our heart that we understand or that we can only see a glimpse of the world we are to walk in but the dreams remain.

Often times they rear their heads when we are in a job that we were not created for. We are there, all dressed up with the task for the day. Orders are given, we can barely hear what they say as the visions cross in front of our eyes, blurring whatever has been said or heard. The thing is…what is said, doesn’t matter to our dreams, our dreams are screaming to get our attention when we snap at our unknowing co-workers, some who have never had a dream other than the day-t0-day or others have given up on their dreams. Dreams aren’t giving up on us.

Recently I made a plan to leave NYC for 3 months and go to Charleston, SC. Charleston is calling my name, why you may ask, because I can feel that my dreams I have been pushing down, like a large Christmas tree in a wood shredder, could be nurtured in that space. A milder climate, palm trees, the beach, bicycles aplenty, lower cost of living and a friendlier environment. My dreams aren’t satisfied in my small apartment, cold weather, grumpy management company reluctant to provide good service and the overall chaotic environment that NYC provides. As soon as I stated in my mind, to my friends and to acquaintances, everywhere I went I met people with a connection to Charleston. Our dreams know what they need to survive. They are fighting with us daily and begging us to have the courage to bring them to fruition.

One of my dreams, to complete my children’s book could easily be accomplished in a gentler environment. One large room with bright light, a bicycle for refreshing breaks and the release of the rat race…and I am sure it can be done. So what I am trying to say is, notice how you are feeling at your current job, understand your frustrations as sign posts to lead you towards what you were meant to do.