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The beauty and perils of this city

August 2nd, 2011

Heat where you are not sure you know your own name, opportunity that sits beside you on a dry wood bench (remember if you had a conversation with everyone on the subway platform, who knows what kind of success you could have) one that is eager to attract bed bugs…oh the beauty and perils of this concrete gymnasium we call New York City. The fascination continues around the world and those of us who live here on modest means are tempted by those we see with cuff links across the platform. How does one cross the platform from cut off jeans to pressed suits? Or do the pressed pant or skirt wearing man or woman, transform in the evening to his/her small tiny apartment like the rest of us? Is there a game we haven’t been playing? Is there truth in advertising or do we create a new reality with a new outfit? No I have not retreated to becoming a fashionista but as I look at my clothes they do not reflect the job I want but rather the job I have. Not bemoaning that fact I have a delicious little fun job to keep the bill collectors away, but I have always known and do continuously remind myself that these gifts I have been given are highly underutilized. What gifts that you have are being wasted? Could it be that you just need to wrap yourself in a new package to get the attention and then in turn the job just right for your talents? Off to TJ Maxx and Daffy’s. No business saves on their business card and our first impressions are key in this fast paced sprint that should be a marathon that we are running in. Now do I need an iron?

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  1. Melissa says

    I hear ya! I decided that my million and one jobs were leaving me too little time for my art. I realized that a 9-5 would actually work for me and wondered why I hadn’t tried it before- maybe because it doesn’t sound ‘artsy’? So, I put on grown up clothes and went to interviews! I was blessed with a 9-5 job in the art field that allows me more time for my art and people, I am super excited.

    August 2nd, 2011 | #

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